Heavy Bag Training Survey

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MMAChampHQ I have been a fan of punching bags ever since my childhood. I was an only child, still am, and I guess what I couldn't take out on my imaginary brothers or sisters, I took out on the punching bags. To this day, I don't know why we had a punching bag in our house. I guess the previous owners just left it because it was old and worn out, and my dad just refused to take it out. My mom didn't really care as long as we were happy and boy, were we! I was a fairly girly girl at all other aspects of my life. I did have sleepovers at other girls' houses, I did let my mom braid my hair and even enjoyed wearing all sorts of skirts and flowers shirts. But when I wanted to play, I went to dad and our punching bag. I wasn't allowed to play with it by myself because after all I was still a little girl and I guess they were afraid if I kicked it too hard it would come back and knock me down. And I guess dad just loved spending that time with me like that. He never wanted to have a boy, not that I know of, and he never made me feel like he would love me better if I were a boy either, but we just loved punching that bag. After I went off to college, I missed that bag tremendously. I did try to get a punching bag in my dorm room, but my roommate wasn't exactly overjoyed, so I made to with the training exercised I did and joined a boxing class. Now I have my own apartment where I work, in the city, and of course, I researched the best punching bags out there to buy. After using the Wavemaster XXL that I bought from MMA Champ HQ, I knew I was done with all the other punching bags I worked with over the years. It has a high-density foam and comes with a heavy duty vinyl cover and a hard plastic base, which can easily be filled with water or sand. They also come in red, blue or black. The red went great with my sofa, I can tell you that. Well, just because I love boxing and have a huge 270 pound punching bag in my living room, doesn't mean I don't like decorating my house any less! Now my dad doesn't need to stand by my side every time I want to work out, but still, when my parents come over, we will be punching away while my mom cooks us a nice dinner and watches us lovingly with a smile and rolls her eyes. When or if I have kids, I will definitely get them to know the ins and outs of punching bags and ease them into boxing. It's a great sport for relieving stress, you can do it anytime and whether you are alone or not. And it's always a good idea to be able to defend oneself!